Petualangan fotografer selama 11 hari untuk melarikan diri dari Sudan yang dilanda perang

Before his dangerous escape from his home country last month, Sudanese photojournalist Mohamed Zakaria left his camera equipment with a friend, unsure if he would ever see it again. Fleeing el-Fasher, the capital of North Darfur state, which was embroiled in a brutal battle between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Mohamed had been covering the conflict for the BBC. With the situation deteriorating, he made the decision to leave.

As the RSF intensified their siege of el-Fasher, targeting the last army stronghold in Darfur, Mohamed’s house was hit by a shell, resulting in the death of five people and injuries to 19 others. Mohamed himself still carries shrapnel in his body from the attack, while his brother lost an eye. Two weeks later, Mohamed watched his mother and three brothers depart for safety in Chad, while he remained behind to continue his work.

Faced with the growing danger and desperation in el-Fasher, Mohamed decided to escape to South Sudan and eventually Uganda. Passing through numerous checkpoints manned by both the army and RSF, he managed to conceal his identity as a cameraman documenting the war. However, he faced a harrowing interrogation at a checkpoint in East Darfur, where he was accused of being a spy and threatened with torture and death.

Despite the challenges and risks, Mohamed pressed on, hiding his camera equipment and precious photographic records as he navigated through treacherous terrain and faced further obstacles along the way. Finally, after enduring days of hardship and uncertainty, he reached the border of South Sudan, only to face further interrogation and extortion before finally being allowed to continue his journey.

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The arduous and perilous trek through the forests and desolate landscapes tested Mohamed’s resilience and determination, as he faced numerous obstacles and setbacks. However, his unwavering resolve to reach safety and continue his work as a photojournalist kept him going, even in the face of imminent danger and uncertainty.