Cara merekam panggilan di iPhone Anda (dan cek apakah itu legal di negara bagian Anda)

Christina Darby/ZDNET discusses the various reasons why someone may want to record a phone call on their iPhone, such as conducting interviews or documenting conversations. Historically, Apple has not allowed recording through the iPhone’s built-in microphone during calls due to privacy concerns and varying state laws. However, Apple announced at WWDC that iOS 18 will introduce call recording and transcription features as part of Apple Intelligence. Until then, there are ways to record calls on an iPhone using third-party apps or external devices with recording capabilities. It is important to ensure that recording is legal in your state and to obtain consent if necessary. One method involves using the Voice Memos app on an iPhone and another iOS device to record the call. Adjustments may need to be made to improve sound quality, and it is important to be aware of whether your state is a one-party or all-party consent state. Once the conversation is recorded, the file can be shared via various apps or platforms. Other options for recording calls include apps like Rev’s Call Recorder and Google Voice, which offer different features and capabilities. It is essential to follow legal guidelines and obtain consent when recording phone calls to avoid potential legal issues.

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