Apple menggelar comeback AI yang kita harapkan – tapi di sini lah tempatnya masih perlu bekerja

During the WWDC 2024 event, Apple unveiled the Apple Intelligence platform, which brings generative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to the forefront. This platform utilizes large language and generative models to handle text, images, and in-app actions, transforming device interaction across the Apple ecosystem. However, current iPhone and iPad users may need to upgrade their devices to fully utilize these benefits.

In a previous article, several key steps were recommended for Apple to remain competitive in the AI race. Let’s see how Apple’s recent announcements align with these recommendations and identify areas for improvement.

Apple Intelligence will bring powerful generative models to iPhone, iPad, and Mac, requiring specific chips for enhanced security and privacy. Additionally, Private Cloud Compute (PCC) was introduced for more demanding tasks, ensuring data security and privacy in the cloud. Foundation Models were also introduced for specialized tasks, optimized for efficiency and speed.

However, Apple fell short in AI infrastructure leadership by not announcing AI-accelerated server appliances at the edge, which would allow less capable devices to access advanced features. Additionally, embracing third-party AI providers in various sectors, such as health and finance, could enhance Apple Intelligence’s functionality.

Smart notifications leveraging on-device LLMs and writing tools that proofread and summarize text were introduced to reduce interruptions and enhance productivity. AI image generation and Genmoji features allow users to create custom images and emojis, adding a personalized touch to communications.

Enhanced Siri capabilities with advanced natural language processing and task automation features were highlighted, along with AI actions within apps. However, further enhancements in Siri’s capabilities and deeper personalization across the Apple ecosystem are areas for improvement.

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Lastly, enhancing AI capabilities across all Apple products, including services like Apple Music and HomeKit, was recommended. The developer story at WWDC 2024 emphasized empowering developers with tools and APIs to unlock Apple Intelligence’s full potential, fostering a vibrant AI development ecosystem.