Saksi Kematian di Dekat Konvoi Bantuan Gaza Mendeskripsikan Penembakan dan Kepanikan

In the midst of desperation and hunger, a tragic scene unfolded along a coastal road in Gaza as thousands of Palestinians camped overnight, awaiting aid to feed their families. However, what they encountered was a nightmare of death and injury when Israeli forces opened fire on the crowd as they surged toward aid trucks that arrived before dawn on Thursday.

Eyewitnesses and a doctor who treated the wounded reported that hundreds of people were killed or wounded in the chaos that ensued. Mohammed Al-Sholi, who had camped out overnight in hopes of securing food for his family, described the harrowing scene of people falling to the ground after being shot, while others grabbed food items and ran for their lives. Tragically, some individuals were even run over by the aid trucks amidst the chaos.

Following the deadly incident, global leaders expressed outrage and condemnation towards Israel for the deaths of scores of Palestinians who were seeking assistance. President Biden announced that the United States would begin airdropping aid to Gaza in an effort to alleviate the suffering, while European leaders called for an independent investigation into the tragic events.

The Israeli military claimed that soldiers had opened fire in self-defense as the crowd posed a threat, but witnesses disputed this account, stating that people were fired upon even as they attempted to flee. Amidst the chaos and bloodshed, the need for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas became more urgent to allow humanitarian aid to reach the starving population in Gaza.

As calls for accountability and justice mounted, the world watched in horror as innocent civilians, desperate to feed their families, were caught in the crossfire of a brutal conflict that had pushed them to the brink of starvation. The need for immediate action and increased humanitarian aid to Gaza became paramount as the international community grappled with the tragic consequences of a preventable catastrophe.

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