Pemuda Kanada tidak lagi bermain hoki es karena partisipasinya menurun

the concern over the financial burden on families. “It’s a real issue,” he said. “And it’s one that’s been around for a long time. It’s not just about the cost of equipment and ice time, but also the pressure to keep up with the competition and the constant need to invest more and more in the sport.”

Despite these challenges, there are efforts being made to make hockey more accessible and affordable for all. The NHL and NHLPA First Shift program, along with other learn-to-play initiatives, are helping to introduce new players to the sport without the high costs traditionally associated with it.

There is also a growing recognition within the hockey community that changes need to be made to ensure the future of the sport. Whether it’s through more affordable equipment options, increased access to ice time, or a shift in the culture surrounding youth hockey, there is a collective effort to address the declining participation numbers and make hockey a sport that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

As Alex Klimsiak put it, “The game of hockey is a beautiful thing. It has brought so much joy and camaraderie to so many people over the years. We need to work together to ensure that future generations can experience that same love for the game.”

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