Masyarakat Sukabumi Diharapkan Tetap Waspada Terhadap Potensi Gempa Susulan

Senin, 01 Januari 2024 – 04:05 WIB

BMKG mengimbau masyarakat Sukabumi untuk waspada terhadap potensi gempa susulan. Ilustrasi Foto: Sultan Amanda Syahidatullah/, JAKARTA – Sukabumi, Jawa Barat, was hit by an earthquake just before the New Year of 2024.

The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) is urging the people of Sukabumi to be vigilant of potential aftershocks.

“The recommendation is for the community to remain calm, but to be cautious because aftershocks are still possible,” said the Head of the BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Center, Daryono, in a written statement on Sunday night.

Daryono asked the public to be aware of the potential damage to buildings caused by aftershocks and advised them not to occupy structurally damaged buildings.

Residents are allowed to return to their homes as long as the buildings are still intact and not structurally compromised, but they must remain vigilant.

The public is also urged to be cautious in hilly areas with steep cliffs, as significant aftershocks can trigger landslides and rockfalls.

“The public is advised not to believe in fake news or hoaxes regarding predictions of larger earthquakes, and to ensure that earthquake information comes from the BMKG,” he said.

The BMKG recorded three shallow earthquakes in the Sumedang Regency, West Java, just before the New Year of 2024.

As the New Year of 2024 approached, the Sukabumi region in West Java was shaken by an earthquake.

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