Pandangan pertama pada toko aplikasi iPhone alternatif di Eropa

Apple’s reluctant acceptance of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in Europe has led to the emergence of only one third-party iOS app store almost a month later. Mobivention, a B2B-focused marketplace allowing companies to distribute internal apps, is currently the sole player in the market. However, this status quo is expected to change soon with the imminent arrival of more exciting alternatives.

Among the upcoming third-party app stores are the Epic Games Store, MacPaw’s Setapp, and AltStore, which is anticipated to be the first to debut in the EU. AltStore, developed by Riley Testut, is a version of the 2019 App Store alternative that eliminates the need for device jailbreaking. The driving force behind AltStore’s creation is Delta, a Nintendo emulator that will soon be available on iPhones through this European marketplace.

While AltStore is currently navigating Apple’s approval process, our preview of the marketplace reveals promising features. The new AltStore will introduce Delta game emulator and Clip clipboard apps from a single developer. However, the Core Technology Fee (CTF) imposed by Apple, which charges developers for each app install over a million, poses a financial burden for third-party app store developers. AltStore and Mobivention users are charged 50 euro cents per download, potentially making the business model unsustainable in the long run.

Furthermore, the complex installation process of third-party marketplaces on iOS devices, involving multiple steps and settings adjustments, may deter users from exploring alternative app stores. However, once installed, accessing and downloading apps from AltStore is relatively straightforward. The platform’s unique feature of allowing users to add ‘sources’ for app downloads sets it apart from Apple’s App Store, offering greater flexibility but potentially confusing the average consumer.

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Despite these challenges, AltStore’s launch with Delta and Clip apps has garnered excitement among enthusiasts. Delta, in particular, offers a nostalgic gaming experience on iPhones, while Clip provides an efficient clipboard management solution. While Clip’s background monitoring feature raises security concerns, Testut assures users of standard iOS security measures in place to protect their data.

In conclusion, the emergence of third-party app stores in Europe following Apple’s compliance with the DMA signals a new era of app distribution. With AltStore leading the charge, users can expect a diverse range of apps and services beyond Apple’s ecosystem, albeit with potential hurdles in installation and security. As the market evolves, the balance between innovation and user protection remains a key concern for all stakeholders involved.