Jordan Bardella bisa menjadi PM Prancis pada usia 28 tahun. Tetapi siapakah dia sebenarnya?

8 hours ago
By Hugh Schofield, France Correspondent
Getty Images

The French are eager to uncover the true identity of Jordan Bardella. What was once an interesting question when Bardella was simply the president of the far-right National Rally (RN), has now become urgent as he is being touted as the potential next prime minister of France.

With the upcoming snap election in two weeks, called by President Emmanuel Macron after the RN’s success in the European elections, the possibility of Bardella becoming prime minister is looming. If the RN secures another victory in the upcoming election, Macron may have no choice but to offer them a chance to govern. And in that scenario, Bardella, who currently shares party leadership with Marine Le Pen, is expected to be named prime minister.

While the French are familiar with the basics of Bardella’s background and rapid rise within the party, they are still left questioning his beliefs, ideology, and true character. There is a sense that Bardella is a well-packaged figure, with his contents remaining a mystery.

The official narrative of Bardella’s upbringing in a deprived estate in Seine-Saint-Denis paints a picture of hardship and struggle that led him to embrace far-right ideologies. However, digging deeper reveals a more nuanced story. Bardella’s upbringing was not as straightforward as the narrative suggests, with his father’s relative wealth and his attendance at a semi-private Catholic school complicating the picture.

Friends and acquaintances from Bardella’s past remember him as a video game enthusiast who also volunteered to teach immigrants literacy. However, his interest in far-right politics at a young age seems to have been more of a strategic decision rather than a deeply held belief.

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Critics of Bardella, including a former media trainer and biographer, paint him as a product of pure PR, lacking substance and driven solely by opportunism. His ability to adapt to different political environments and lack of a clear ideology raise questions about his suitability to lead the country.

As Bardella’s popularity grows, fueled by his charm and social media presence, the question remains: is he capable of leading France, or is his appeal simply a result of effective communication strategies? With his lack of traditional qualifications and experience, Bardella’s potential as prime minister raises doubts about the changing dynamics of French politics.