FIFA Siap Membatalkan Reformasi yang Dilaksanakan Setelah Skandal Korupsi

The 12-page report, crafted by a group of soccer insiders in December 2015, aimed to save FIFA from its existential crisis following a corruption scandal. It proposed revolutionary changes such as transparency in decision-making, term limits for leaders, and the abolition of graft-ridden committees. Positioned as FIFA’s savior, Gianni Infantino swiftly enacted many of the reforms after becoming president. However, recent developments indicate a decline in the appetite for reform within soccer’s governing bodies, with African soccer facing financial mismanagement and other regions backing away from promised changes. Despite claims of transformation, FIFA’s reforms have not been endorsed by the United States Department of Justice. Amidst the rollback of reforms and consolidation of power in the hands of a select few, questions about FIFA’s commitment to good governance remain.

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