Bagaimana cara kerjanya dan mengapa mereka begitu penting?

25 minutes agoBy Paul Kirby, BBC News DANIEL DORKO/Hans Lucas/AFPCould Jordan Bardella, 28, become France’s next prime minister?Emmanuel Macron’s decision to call for two rounds of elections on 30 June and 7 July is viewed by both rivals and allies as a risky move that could potentially shift political power to the far right. His aim is to regain control of French politics, but the opinion polls suggest otherwise.Why are these elections taking place?Following the far-right National Rally party’s victory over Emmanuel Macron’s Renew alliance in the European elections, with National Rally securing 31.4% of the vote compared to Macron’s 14.6%, the French president announced on TV that it was time for a new coalition to be built. Despite the fact that the National Assembly elections were not due until 2027, Macron insisted that calling for elections was the “most responsible solution”.What was Macron’s reasoning behind this decision?It seems that Macron had been contemplating calling for elections for some time, with the aim of breaking the deadlock caused by his failure to secure an absolute majority in the National Assembly in 2022. Passing laws had become increasingly difficult, leading him to make decisions without a vote and seek support from the National Rally for tougher immigration rules.What are the implications of these elections?The upcoming elections could potentially see the far-right National Rally party, led by Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen, gaining power in France for the first time. However, the outcome is uncertain, as a left-wing alliance and other parties on the far left are also in the running. The election process in France is complex, with two rounds of voting and potential tactical voting to prevent certain parties from winning.What if Macron’s party loses?Regardless of the outcome, Macron has stated that he will not resign as president. If his party loses and another party wins, it could lead to a period of “cohabitation” where the president and the government are from different parties. This has happened before in France, but the current political landscape makes the potential outcome uncertain.Will Jordan Bardella become the Prime Minister?While Macron has the authority to appoint the Prime Minister, the composition of the new Assembly could influence his decision. If the National Rally party dominates, it may be difficult for Macron to choose someone else. However, if RN falls short of an absolute majority, Bardella has stated that he would not be willing to take on the role of Prime Minister. The political situation in France is unprecedented, with the possibility of power-sharing between parties from different ends of the political spectrum.

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