4 prinsip AI kunci ServiceNow dan mengapa penting bagi bisnis Anda.

Amy Lokey serves as the chief experience officer at ServiceNow, a $9 billion platform-as-a-service provider based in Santa-Clara, California. With a focus on IT service management, the company has evolved into a full enterprise cloud platform offering IT, operations, business management, HR, and customer service solutions. ServiceNow has recently embraced AI, rebranding itself with the tagline, “Put AI to work with ServiceNow.”

In a recent interview with ZDNET, Amy Lokey discussed her role and responsibilities at ServiceNow. She leads the global Experience team, which is dedicated to making ServiceNow simple, intuitive, and engaging for users. As the company incorporates generative AI into its platform, Lokey ensures that AI initiatives align with the goal of enhancing user experiences and productivity.

ServiceNow places a strong emphasis on developing AI ethically, focusing on human-centricity, inclusivity, transparency, and accountability. The company involves users in the AI development process through a “human-in-the-loop” approach, ensuring that AI solutions meet specific user needs. ServiceNow also prioritizes inclusivity by leveraging diverse datasets and domain-specific AI models to reduce bias.

Transparency is key to ServiceNow’s AI projects, with the company providing comprehensive and clear product documentation. Through open-science and open-governance AI development, ServiceNow promotes transparency and collaboration within the AI community. The company also implements Responsible AI Guidelines to ensure ethical and trustworthy AI use in its projects.

Overall, ServiceNow’s commitment to inclusivity and transparency in AI development, guided by Responsible AI Guidelines, demonstrates its dedication to creating AI solutions that enhance user experiences and productivity.

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