15 Fitur Baru Android Teratas (2024): Cara Install, Fitur, Tanggal Rilis

Google has introduced a new feature called Private Space in Android 15, which allows users to keep sensitive apps separate from the rest of their phone. This feature adds an extra layer of protection with a second authentication method, such as a password or PIN. When Private Space is locked, apps are hidden from view in the recent apps list, notifications, settings, and other apps. Users also have the option to completely wipe their Private Space.

Another significant update in Android 15 is the expanded satellite connectivity, allowing some RCS and SMS apps to send text messages via satellite. This update standardizes the user interface elements to make it clear when a connection is made via satellite.

Android 15 also introduces a feature for partial screen recording, allowing users to share an individual app without revealing the rest of the screen or incoming notifications. Logins and one-time passwords are automatically hidden from remote viewers. This feature was previously available on Pixel devices and is now integrated into Android.

Additionally, Android 15 includes improvements in blocking malicious apps. These updates prevent malicious apps from hiding behind other apps or overlaying themselves invisibly on top. There are also changes to prevent the misuse of intents by malware, which allow users to start an activity in another app by describing an action they would like to perform.

Other notable features in Android 15 include app archiving, better PDF handling, enhanced fraud and scam protection, loudness control, better low-light camera performance, taskbar options for tablets and folding phones, improved battery life optimizations, systemwide control over keyboard vibrations, and more options for foldable cover screen actions.

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