AWS akan Meluncurkan Wilayah Infrastruktur di Taiwan oleh

cutting-edge cloud technologies and services. The new AWS Region in Taiwan will provide our customers with even more options to leverage the power of the cloud, enabling them to accelerate their innovation and growth. We are excited about the opportunities that this investment will bring to Taiwan and look forward to continuing our strong partnership with AWS to drive digital transformation and success for our customers.

MetaAge Corporation is a leading provider of cloud migration and digital transformation services in Taiwan. We have been working closely with AWS to help our customers modernize their IT infrastructure and applications, leveraging the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. The launch of the new AWS Region in Taiwan will further enhance our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers, enabling them to stay competitive and drive business growth. We are excited about the potential that this investment will bring to Taiwan and are committed to continuing our collaboration with AWS to empower our customers to succeed in the digital age.

Overall, the new AWS Asia Pacific (Taipei) Region will bring a wide range of benefits to customers in Taiwan and across Asia Pacific. With lower latency, data residency options, and a broad portfolio of cloud services, organizations of all sizes and industries will be able to accelerate their digital transformation and drive innovation. The investment in Taiwan reflects AWS’s commitment to meeting the high demand for cloud services in the region and supporting the growth of the local economy. As AWS continues to expand its global infrastructure, customers can expect even more opportunities to leverage the power of the cloud and transform the way they do business.

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